Hints, Tips and Chat October 4, 2011

Hints and Tips

Points to remember covering events, whether its a social, association, corporate, or sports:

  • Capture the details
  • Keep your eye on the action
  • Back away, don’t turn away
  • Watch for reaction from others watching the action
  • Capture emotion
  • ┬áHave the right lens on the camera for the shot
  • Anticipate the action
  • Be prepared


Over the last ten years, I’ve noticed a great decline in print orders. I believe that we’ve grown accostumed to viewing images on our computer screens, the backs of our cameras, and, of course, our smartphones. While the images are very sharp and the composition clear to see, something is missing: the texture of the paper or canvas; the depth of tones; and the pleasure it brings on the wall or in an album.

What is worrisome is the potential decline in high quality prints and how that may effect the professional labs that produce those prints. As new technologies are implemented, old ones are retired. Who ever thought film would not be the means to record images, certainly not Kodak.

A plug for a lab I use. Pilot Imaging in Rockville, MD is a great professional lab and deserves our support and business. Their work is highly regarded by the professional photographers community. Consider having a great print made for your wall.


“A portrait photographer depends upon another person to complete his picture. The subject imagined, which in a sense is me, must be discovered in someone else willing to take part in a fiction he cannot possibly know about.”

Richard Avedon

Picture of the Week

Woman on bridge, canal in Venice

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Hints, Tips and Chat September 28, 2011

On Buying a New Camera

Often I’m asked what camera would I recommend. With so many great cameras on the market, my advice is always the following:

  • What will be you be doing? Children? Nature? Vacations?
  • Are you looking for convenience, an all-in-one model or a DSLR with interchangeable lenses?
  • Do you need a camera that is rugged and/or water resistent?
  • Do you want a system that will allow for your photography growth over time?
  • How will the camera interface with your computer? Do you want a camera that will give you RAW images or just jpgs?
  • What is your budget? If you haven’t narrowed it down you will soon.
  • Now, go to a camera store that has a wide selection and hold the different cameras you might purchase. Experience how it feels in your hands. Are the controls placed well? Is it comfortable?
  • What is the warranty?
  • Is the camera model new or has it been available for some time? You want the latest model.
  • Is the manual readily understandable, clearly written and indexed?
  • Now you are an informed consumer!

Hints & Tips

A tip for public speakers: when at a lectern, if you need reading glasses, buy a frame-less pair. This type will not intrude into you eyes. Also, when you first settle behind the lectern, look around, spot the photographer and smile!

A tip for photographers: check the lectern microphone location. If it is a pair of mics joined in the middle, there is nothing to consider. If it is a singular mic mounted on one side of the lectern, shot from the opposite side so the mic doesn’t distract from the speaker. Also consider if you should ask the sound technician to have the mic moved to the other side of the lectern to accomodate your angle of view.

Photo of the Week

Lincoln Memorial after Snow Storm

Lincoln Memorial and US Park Police Officer after snow storm

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